Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beach assortment

We had a brief interlude of almost summer-like weather, a few hours only, so we hurried to the White Rock beach. Made in in time to see all these before the rain bucketed down again:

Eelgrass isopod and sea lettuce.

Greenmark hermit. Still no sign of a green mark.

Another three-spined stickleback, floating in the incoming tide.

A strongly marked sculpin, about an inch long.

There's at least one fish underneath this eelgrass. Can you find it?

Tidepool sculpin, almost invisible. The sand was full of them, but I never saw them until they scooted away.

Green canoe and paddlers

Gull and shady tidepool

Name this critter!

There's more; a good look at a bright pink starfish, tomorrow.

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