Sunday, May 06, 2012

Virtual heat

A pipe burst in our building last night. Water soaked the ceiling until great gobs of wet drywall splattered the carpet. The plumber came and went, but our heat went off and refused to come back on. All day, with front and back doors open to the cold wind outside, a big rental fan roared, drying the carpet and the insulation in the ceiling, and chilling the whole place. I have a little 6-inch cube heater; I've been staying close to it.

On a day like this, it's been good to look at the flowers now warming my garden:

The native bleeding heart.

Deeper pinks on another plant.

My neighbour put in this fruit tree two years ago. I think it's a pear, but so far, we've just had flowers.

Deep pink stamens, white petals.

Pink heather. This is the plant I moved recently because it wasn't doing too well where it was.  Now it's growing.

And right on schedule, the first of our rhododendrons burst into bloom. The pink ones come a week or so later; some of them are showing bits of colour now.

Not exactly a flower, but still warmly welcomed:

Fat robin, resplendent in his best duds.

I feel warmer already.

And the heat has come on! Hooray!


  1. That kind of day one could do without! Glad you could come up with some virtual heat but a roaring wood stove would probably be more effectual. I think I'd be in tears.

  2. I hate being cold, and I got cold just hearing about your day!

    I'm glad your flowers are there to help warm your heart!

  3. I do love the robins. Sorry to hear about your water damage. Maybe the sun this weekend will help. - Margy


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