Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sanctified 'shrooms?

I went again on what is becoming a weekly pilgrimage to the church next door. I wonder what passers-by think, seeing me devoutly kneeling there, in the dirt around the parking lot, the entry way, the street front. Praying for ... fungi?

I found more new ones this time, too.

These were repeats; a cup mushroom, and the grainy domes, which may be young Coprinellus micaceus, a relative of the shaggy manes.

Grey ribbed mushrooms, with a tan cap and white stalks.

And morels! I've never seen these before. With a perfect new cup for contrast.
Morels are highly variable, but research shows that it is likely that there are only three species. (Morchella elata, Bill Leithhead's Web Site)

More morels. There must have been over a hundred in this plot.

And another.

The cups have gone crazy; they're everywhere, in all sizes and stages of growth or disintegration. This one was a large specimen, crumbling around the lip, but open to show the convoluted brown bottom.

The morels should be edible, and choice, but I'm not so sure that the trucked-in soil is clean. I don't think I'll risk eating these.


  1. haa haa give me the GPS co-ords and I will test those Morels for you :-D

  2. Wise: tasty does not always equal non-toxic. =) Nice buncha mushrooms!


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