Monday, April 16, 2012

Productive procrastination

I've been procrastinating. I've got a video to do; I promised it sometime last week. Instead, I've been sorting old photos, rearranging my storage drive, looking for photos for #BirdPoker on Google+, and basically being very busy not doing the video.

And tonight, I discovered a whole folder of intertidal critters from July of 2010. I remember that I had intended to clean them up and discuss them here, and somehow they got forgotten. There are scale worms, polychaetes, flatworms, assorted snails, tiny hermits, baby shrimp, and some critter that I don't recognize at all. I'll post at least some of the worms tomorrow, the rest as soon as possible.

More great excuses to procrastinate! I'm good at this!

For now, here's a quick clean-up of one of the baby shrimp photos.

Two survived and grew up in my tank; they proved to be coonstripe shrimp.

It was cold and grey all day Sunday; maybe today, if it rains, I'll get the video finished, too.

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  1. =) I HAD to click on that blog post title.

    When in college, and it was time to study for a midterm, I'd suddenly HAVE to clean my room (a rare occurrence), and then I'd HAVE to make chocolate chip cookies, etc. =)

    Sweet little shrimp, though. Love baby pics. Good luck!


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