Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ladybugs in love

A couple of ladybugs were hanging out in my spider box; the spider ignored them, and they seemed contented there, and didn't try to leave when I left the lid open. They were happier than I had guessed; I came in one afternoon to catch them in the act, and had to get out the camera.

Here's the video. A little graphic, maybe, but I had to share it.

I never imagined that ladybugs were so ... enthusiastic.

I looked everywhere, later, hunting for eggs. I didn't see any. Both beetles have flown the coop now, so they may be searching for a decent tree for their young 'uns.

And I'm still working on those worms.


  1. my goodness she must hav very strong legs

  2. Most mating beetle pairs I've seen have been a lot more sedate. I couldn't quite make out in the video if there was an... ahem... connection, and I was wondering if maybe the movement was because he was trying to make one, but she just wasn't letting him in. But then, what I've seen in weevils wouldn't necessarily apply to ladybirds.

  3. Perfect choice in music :)

  4. This is something I had never thought about - just how do beetles come together. Not that I ever really needed to know...
    And thank you for the information about the spore0bearing heads of the horsetails. I captured some this morning, but had no idea what they were. No signs of the plain stalks, just the spore bearing ones.

  5. Christopher; I tried going frame by frame to see if there was that kind os a problem. I couldn't make it out, either.

    Thanks, Tim.

    Judy; "Not that I ever really needed to know ..." Nor I, but all knowledge can come in useful some day, right?

    Upupaepops, :D

  6. Yeah, that soundtrack is hilarious!

  7. Gosh. There's a lot more movement than usual!


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