Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Windows to gladden your heart

I'm still sorting old photos. Laurie took these in my daughter's antique church/wedding chapel near Chilliwack, at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley. (She and her husband are photographers; this is their headquarters.)

I simply love the colours.

Stained glass window high in the entrance, below the bell tower. The looped-up bell cord and the rim of the bell are just visible in the dim interior.

Round window in the nave, with treetops outside creating water and flame patterns.

The church dates from 1886; these would be the original windows. The bell cord has been replaced, probably several times. The bell is still rung for each wedding.

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  1. Wow those are really cool pictures! I especially like the flame and water effects the trees provide. Do me a favor and check out my blog: horcruxesandhallows.blogspot.com, and comment? thanks! :)


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