Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My computer is acting up again. I've got it working at the moment, but it keeps crashing, no matter what I do.

The Huichol tribe in Mexico had the same problem, centuries ago. There is no other logical explanation for this traditional design:

Beads embedded in wax, lining a dried gourd. About 9 inches across.


  1. The Mexican design definitely looks more attractive than the blue screen of death.

    Does your computer crash only after using it for some time? Does it crash regardless of the program you use? Will it crash if you just turn it on and let it sit for a few hours? Also, describe what you mean by "crash" (does it stop responding, or do you get error messages?)

  2. When Wayne and I flew our plane to Mexico, we stopped at a small coastal town below Mazatlan. In the shop at the hotel there was a hand caved jaguar head completely covered in beads similar to your gourd design. I loved it and had to get it. As I recall, at the time it cost $85 US, a very small price for such a wonderful work of art. - Margy


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