Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sand, sky, and old wood

These are a few more photos from that so very windy day on Crescent Beach.

I never tire of this view, especially at low, low tide. And yes, those are shoes in the tree. They've been there for at least two years.

This is from the creek just before we reach the town. The horizon is concave, again.

Signs of spring; flowering trees. The wind was whipping these around so that even holding onto a twig, we couldn't stop the shaking. I took macros of those tiny flowers, but got only a yellow blur.

Logs don't tremble in the wind. This scar reminds me of an eye, but of what animal?

I love this old lichen-coated log. It's almost geographical; the depression could well be a terraced valley surrounded by ancient cliffs.

Another view of the same log. This reminds me of a slow-flowing glacier.
A Skywatch  post.


  1. Beautiful shots of one of my favorite places. They remind me of our visit there together. I don’t recall seeing those shoes, though. I like the shapes in the log … they really do look like “ancient cliffs”.

  2. Very nice photos.
    I especially like the 5th.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. I like the low low tide shot. That 5th photo looks like a big bear claw print.

  4. I had to laugh at the shoe in the tree.
    Come join me in Foto Friday where the theme is open and link your blog

  5. I see a horse's eye in that scar. Lovely, lovely - what an eye you have!

  6. Wonderful open skies.

    And I'm thinking "eagle" !

  7. Hi, Maria! the shoe is best seen from down the railroad track, part way to the stairs down from Ocean Park.

    Spare Part; yes, I see the claw now.

    Frostbite; The eagles were there, in droves. But all our photos were of dots in the sky, or vague shapes against the evergreens.

  8. Would you like enter one of these photos in a competition on my blog this week? It fits the theme!


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