Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End of February grumble

It's been another cold, cold day, with the wind blowing small branches and somebody's old boxes about the lawn, and the birdbath frozen solid. Another day to stay home and get some work done.

It's warmed up now, in the middle of the night. The ice has melted and rain is pelting down. One more day like this, and we'll have March coming in like a lion, which is supposed to cause it to go out like a lamb. If you believe old proverbs, that is. Wikipedia remarks, "... but it was recognized to not work well."

I've finished sorting the photos from last week's walk down Centennial Beach and back through Beach Grove. These are my favourites, in alphabetical order by file name, as Blogger's insisting these days. Who am I to argue?

Crow, in a black mood.

Bottoms up!

Soaking up the sunshine.

Euphorbia. Not my favourite plant; too aggressive. But the spring blooms are interesting.

Evergreen and not. Both looking scratchy.

Beached logs at high tide.

A tiny red-legged crab. Maybe a young purple shore crab.

Robin redbreast.

Old man's beard  (aka Clematis vitalba, or Traveler's Joy) seed pods. 

Glossy water, against the light.

I'm hoping ... maybe, if it rains like this all night, it will empty the clouds and the sun will come out. It should work like that, shouldn't it? One can always hope! I'm getting stiff from sitting in front of the computer all day.


  1. That clematis is beeyoootifulll. Red-winged blackbirds showed up the other day, but now it's SNOWING!!!

  2. Oh goodness...You have some super photos here..but I am sorry about all your rain. I hope it dries up a bit for you.


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