Saturday, November 12, 2011

Red and gold, with blue mountains

(This is a repost of Thursday's post that I deleted, fixing the blog.)

Fall colour in Vancouver.

I took this through the window today from Laurie's doctor's office, 9 floors above the street. We're looking northwest. Granville Street Bridge is straight ahead, Granville Island in front of and beneath it, the edge of the downtown core on the right across False Creek. The Cypress Mountain ski slopes are just visible under the clouds. And out in English Bay, a half-dozen ships are waiting to load or off-load.


  1. I thought about going to Granville Island this weekend, but I'm glad I chose Steveston and a change to meet you and Laurie in person. It was lots of fun for me. Hope we can do it again some time. - Margy

  2. What a beautiful area. Great fall colors.


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