Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not a cherry root mushroom

Just around the corner from yesterday's big brown mushrooms, in Laurie's evergreen shrub garden, similar mushrooms grow. He brought a couple in for me.

Smooth, round cap, brown stalk. The biggest are about 4 inches across the cap. They're dense and heavy for their size.

White gills, separated from stalk.

As they age, the gills shrink and blend together, the cap broadens out.

These are growing where Laurie put down steer manure, and probably came from the pasture where the cattle fed. Even though this mushroom almost matches yesterday's at first, it never achieves the uninhibited twistiness of the cherry tree root 'shrooms.

Searching through my Guide, and on the web, I see many similar, none exactly like these. I won't try tasting these, either.


  1. When I left Powell River earlier this month the mushroom buyers had shops set up all over town in closed stores. A way for locals in the know to make some extra holiday money. - Margy

  2. That would be for pine mushrooms, to sell to Japan? We used to pick them in Bella Coola about this time, above the 1000-foot mark on the hills. That's another one I've eaten; the buds sell for a good price, but the larger ones, or worm-eaten ones aren't that valuable, so we always took them home for supper. They're delicious!

    And the aroma is sheer heaven.


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