Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the starfish zone

It's raining again, and it looks determined to keep at it. I'm glad I still have photos from last week's beach walk.

Purple starfish cuddled up to a rock

Burrowing anemone. The body stays under the sand. Once I dug one up, by mistake. It wasn't attached to anything solid, and rolled away in the waves, a fist-sized ball of jelly.

Iridescent seaweed. It drapes over rocks like tossed clothes. It dries in the sun quickly, and becomes brittle and dull.

On the iridescent seaweed, many small, busy kelp flies swarmed. I took flash photos almost at random, hoping to catch one. In the sunshine, they look black, but all the ones the flash caught came out this ghostly grey, with red eyes.

More seaweed or algae. A small handful, attached to a stone.

Bird tracks.

And what the Encyclopedia calls, "Homo sapiens 'intertidalus'." 

And now, to go back to my Unrain dance, singing, "Rain, rain, go away." It always works - eventually.


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