Monday, March 28, 2011

Colour wheel, plus pink.

The sun was playing hide-and-seek yesterday, and I had work to do, anyhow, so I stayed in and got to it. Laurie took his camera out for a walk around our neighbourhood, and came back greatly cheered. Sure, it's smoky and dusty here; sure, construction goes on apace in the wasteland that was a mini-evergreen forest last year. The roads are congested, with more trucks, more hurrying shoppers; it's hard to cross, even at the lights. But, look! The spring flowers are blooming! Smile!

Purple crocuses, with last year's leaf

Yellow. Forsythia. First shrub to bloom every spring.

Pink and grey. Magnolia bud and opening flower

I love these furry coats on the magnolia buds.

More pink. Cherry or plum? Coming right along.

Orangey-red. Not a flower, but might as well be. Spring growth on Pieris.

Green. A mossy bouquet on rock.

Blue (ish). Snail out enjoying the sunshine.

I hope the sun shines again tomorrow. We'll go to Beach Grove or Crescent Beach (the town) and see what's blooming there. Work can wait!

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  1. With colors like that waiting for you, yes, work can wait. :)


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