Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Light from a quarter way up the sky

This time of year, the sun hangs low in the sky*, creating deep shadows, highlighting patterns and shapes we would have missed otherwise.

Alleyway, Beach Grove, Tsawwassen

Last flowers in the garden, Beach Grove

Drooping sunflower

Maple leaves, with bug holes. Richmond

Wheel and tap, Westham Island Farms

Mushrooms, Reifel Island

Yellow snail on a shady rock. Richmond

Big-leafed exotic. Crescent Beach.

Yes, this is the sun, through dark clouds, with hints of sunset pink. About 4 PM., from Kwomais Point rocks.

If I look at that sun for a half-minute or so, I can see (or so it seems) the clouds moving. Try it yourself; do you see it, too? (You may need to view it full-size; left-click it for a new tab.)

*About 23 degrees above the horizon, at 3 PM these days.


  1. nice collection of beautiful photos

  2. I absolutely can see those clouds moving!

    I enlarged the picture of the bug holes in the maple. The close-up of that shot is exquisite.

    As are the rest of your shots, but the way. I love that yellow snail too! I've never seen one that color before.


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