Monday, October 11, 2010

Brown-eyed dragon

We spent a sunny, summery, Sunday afternoon at Reifel Island, and came home with full cameras. I'll be sorting photos for a few days.

We followed this dragonfly to its resting place in the shrubbery. We would not have seen it otherwise; it blended so well into the background of sticks and bright green leaves that we kept having to look over our viewfinders to see if it was still there. A good half of our photos missed it altogether.

Canada darner, Aeshna canadensis, I think.

Side view

Most Canada darners, at least the ones on BugGuide, (or here) have blue stripes on the tail, but this one's were green all the way to the end.

Then, for tomorrow, there's a fly ... I know, Reifel is a bird sanctuary. But it's a good bug-watching place, too.

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