Monday, May 10, 2010

Because Canucks fans are wearing mustaches these days


Purple dead nettle, Lamium purpureum

Luna in a rare quiet instant. At the Mothers' Day picnic, Queens Park.

Midge found drowned in my salt water reservoir. The hairy antennae show that it's a male.

Rex, sure, you're a hairy hermit, but don't you think wearing an anemone on your shell is going a bit overboard?

Not hairy:

Red-eared turtle, Cougar Creek Park. Not a Canucks fan.


  1. I took some pictures of that purple dead nettle too ... it is every where at the coast. You saved me looking up what it was ... Thanks.

    Luna looks a cutie!

  2. Our deadnettles are almost done blooming.

    I love the anemone on the hermit crab! That's too funny and cute!!!


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