Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mexican Pharaoh?

I found this beetle in my jar of chile pasilla. It is the same kind as the ones I found there a couple of years ago. (The chiles are last year's crop from Mexico, dried and full of seeds.)

Unidentified Mexican beetle, under 3 mm.

This time, there were many dead beetles, and as many tiny, almost transparent larvae, very much alive. But only one live adult, so there won't be any mating photos this time. (They were very enthusiastic about that in 2008.)

But at least, now, I've got a decent face shot. I love this Egyptian Pharaoh headdress. The decoration in the centre of the forehead is a patch of tangled golden hairs.

Now to send him off to BugGuide for a name to the face.


  1. I love your blog for many reasons, but especially because I am beginning to find beauty in the little critters you show us - something I have long ago memories of noticing, but had sadly lost along the wayside.


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