Monday, January 11, 2010

Party girl

I'm just home from the last of the Christmas parties for this year; Day of the Magi. "Dia de los Reyes", we call it, and we celebrate with hot chocolate and the traditional Mexican Rosca.

And, of course, with as many excited kids and talking-at-once adults as we can cram into a small house. We ended up the evening with a surprise presentation by the little ones; a dance by three- and four-year-old Sofia and Sara, under a spotflashlight held more or less steadily by one of the first-grade boys. Piano, a last-minute insipration, by cousins, drum (kid variety) by an uncle. Sofia took no notice of the tempo; she dances to her own drumbeat.

Sofia, dressed for dancing over her butterfly shirt.

I'm still laughing.

(Photo taken with available light, without flash.)


  1. She's delightful! And keeping to the beat is much overrated.

  2. That Sophia is one cutie pie. Sounds like a very fun time, a regular hoot.


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