Saturday, November 14, 2009

No paraskevidekatriaphobia for us!

Friday the 13th. This one was Laurie's birthday. We bought Raku ware at a pottery sale in the morning, and a bark carving at a craft fair in the afternoon. In between, ...

The bottom half of the field.

... we passed a mixed field of seagulls, snow geese, and trumpeter swans, with a trio of Canada geese thrown in for contrast. The wind was up, and geese flew slowly overhead, fighting the breeze.

Lunch in our favourite spot in Ladner, then a visit to the harbour:

The Fraser Delta Wetlands

Reflections in the river

Stripy shed and blue boat, reflected

Moody skies, cheerful trees. And a heron posing as a weather vane.

Back to the road again. Along Highway 10, at the Centennial heritage site (1867-1967) ...

Window detail, St. Stephen's United Church

... we found mushrooms in the lawn, with rabbit pellet decorations.

In the north, new snow capped the mountains,

and to the south,  masses of clouds pushed and shoved each other around the sky.

Highway 99, just across the field.

Stormclouds hovered, dumped rain, lifted and moved on. The sun came out again.

Just another perfect November day.

A Skywatch post.


  1. These are really delightful photos. The autumn colors are so rich.

  2. Happy Birthday, Laurie! And thanks for the opportunity to follow your beautifully documented adventures, Wanderin' Weeta. Most enjoyable!

  3. Beautiful photo of the sky. I love the reflections on the water. Hope you have time to see the skies in my part of Ontario this week.

  4. I enjoyed the story of your November day told through the clouds.

    I have cousins who live in White Rock, but it's many years since I've visited, and our recent summer trip to the interior gave us great views on the flight from Vancouver to Castlegar, but the lower Fraser valley was all green and summery then. Lovely to see it with snowy mountains as a backdrop.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip. We are getting hammered with rain and wind today. We are stuck in town until it stops. It's too dangerous to go up the lake in our small boat. Waves can get 3-4' high in this kind of weather. Hope you are staying safe and warm. - Margy

  6. Wow, that's a lot of birds in the top image!

    I really like your reflection photos. The colors in them are so beautiful.

  7. Thanks, all.

    Still in town, Margy? It looks now like we'll have heavy rain right through Wednesday.

    Ah, well. Water's good for us, 8 glasses a day and a hot shower, at least. What's a bit more?

  8. An awesome collection of pictures! Wonderful shots!

    - Pixellicious Photos


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