Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vantage point

Heron in a tree:

And eagles on a post:

The heron was taking a break from his fishing; the eagles were still hard at work. Twice, we saw the eagle on the left leave the perch and swoop low over a flock of ducks. Both times he came back to his mate empty-handed.

The first time, the ducks took off in a panic. The second time, the flock was larger, and they just sat there. There's safety in numbers. At least the odds favour the individual in a large flock. Whether the ducks know that, or they'd just had it with running, who can tell?

At Boundary Bay, this afternoon.


  1. I wonder if the designers of that solar panel thing factored in eagle talons.

  2. Nice post and pictures. I love the eagles photo.

  3. Hugh,
    I bet they didn't. The spikes keep off pigeons, anyhow. So do the eagles.


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