Friday, September 18, 2009

A handful of weeds

I'm still plugging away at my hundreds of Vancouver Island photos. These are a few of the wildflowers in the Campbell River to Comox area:

Gumweed. The name fits: this stuff is sticky!

Gumweed on the beach. It likes dunes and dry, disturbed land.

Dying tansy, with a happy bunch of freeloaders.

Queen Anne's Lace. The flower head, opening up, forms a deep bowl at first.

The whole flower head is an umbel; the individual clusters of flowers in the umbel are umbellets. They turn white as they open.

Silverweed. A cinquefoil. It likes wet creek banks and beaches.

Rockweed. At Oyster Bay.

A different rockweed. Oyster Bay.

Hardhack. One of my favourite dried flowers. Dries to a quiet brownish mauve colour. Grows in wet ground.

Canada Thistle. Grows everywhere, but likes good garden soil.

And for good measure, a cross spider enjoying the morning sunshine.


The countdown begins: two more days before Rock Flipping Day. These, underwater at Crescent Beach, would be interesting.

Rocks and fractured light.



  1. I've never heard of Rock Flipping Day but will give it my best shot. I'll be in the city, but they must have rocks somewhere. - Margy

  2. I'm sure you'll find a good one, once you start looking around. I wonder what surprise you will come up with!

  3. Heading out tomorrow to scout for some good rocks. Jocie is going to write her column about it for a local paper. The question is...beach, forest or stream? I think the tides are against us here so it will probably be the latter.


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