Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 19th, already!

One more day. Or even less, if you're on the other side of the earth; it's almost the 20th of September, and time to get out and flip some rocks!

These look like they might have something living underneath. Kwomais Point area.

I sort of promised, following Dave Bonta's lead, to think of handing out prizes. Purely imaginary, of course, but in his words, "highly coveted". This year, the Very, Very, Extra-Special Grand Prize will go to any and all kids, oh, seven years old and under, who flipped a rock, with or without help from big people.

(In case you've missed the earlier explanation, the history and rules for this event are here. Send the links to your Rock Flipping blog posts to me as soon as you post, at wanderinweeta AT gmail D0T com; I will then compile a list, post it on this blog, and e-mail you a copy of the list, ready to be posted on your blogs as well. You may, if you wish, add your photos to the Flickr group, as well.)

I've cleaned my desk and calendar; I'm anticipating great things. Be careful, be gentle, and have fun, everybody!

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