Monday, August 31, 2009

It's warm, it's dry, it's protected: it's perfect!

A local store has taken steps to keep birds away ...

... without much success.

The next edition of Circus of the Spineless will be up here tomorrow night. And let's extend the deadline for submissions; how about sometime around 9 PM, my time (Pacific) tomorrow. Just e-mail me with a link at wanderinweeta AT gmail DOT com. Join the fun!


  1. Do you know what kind of beetle that is? and where did you find it? I have found several in my bathroom and I am just curious to know what kind it is. They are small and black with shiny shell covers. Lemme know :)


  2. I think you meant this to go on the previous post, "Mountaineer".

    I really don't know what kind of beetle that would be. It was very tiny, and I didn't have my equipment with me to get a close shot.

    I found that one outside, in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island.


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