Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Somewhere the sun is shining ...

Spring comes late to my garden, since it's in deep shade all year round. Last week we walked around the block to see what was growing out in the open.

Starting at home, with early spring flowers under a rhododendron:

Pansies, miniature daffs, and perennial violets, just starting to bud.

Down the block, and around the corner:

Monkey puzzle tree

Somebody is clearing out the garage.

Pink and white on a garden wall.

In-your-face poppy.

On the snail tree (in a row of three, they are always on this one, not the others.)

Bleeding hearts in a shady patch.

I love this colour.

Dandy lion.

Not a flower.

Unknown "scrunchy" tree, about 5 feet tall, and weeping. Leaves and flowers all crammed together.

A promise of lilacs.

Chives in the children's garden at the church next door.

Tiny yellow-green succulents.

Snail in the shrubbery.

And back home again. One of the rhododendrons is sporting its first blooms of the year.

It almost feels like summer.


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