Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's that time of year again ...

Every river has its feathered babies.

On the bank of the Little Campbell River, Semiahmoo Reserve, this mallard led her brood through the grass:

Three little heads

They jumped off the edge, to join Daddy in the river ...

... got themselves organized, and swam off upstream.

With mallards, there's always a straggler.

And on the shores of the Nicomekl River, ten obedient little goslings stayed close to their parents:

Ten babies.

I love those big, floppy feet!

A cutie.

Under the parent's watchful eye.



  1. Hi - it's jean - could you exchange email addresses - not sure if I have ever had yours. Have been wondering how you are.

  2. Hi, Jean. You can e-mail me at susannah *t gmail d*t c*m. (Replace the vowels; I've been getting a bit too much spam recently.)

  3. What great family photos of ducks and geese. Such beautiful creatures.


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