Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jagged, spiky, blobby mushroom, with claws

I found these white fungal growths on a dry log on Boundary Bay beach:

They seem to be encrusted on a branch scar, which gives them the three-toed claw shape. Further down the log, the second clump looks almost like a different species:

And both of them are like and unlike the ones I saw last November, probably on the same log. Here they are, again:

Common Split Gills?

The underside, showing the split gills.

This year's crop didn't have the same "mushroom" shape, nor were gills apparent. And the spiky, blobby ones were twice the size of last year's.

I am still not sure what they are.



  1. Anonymous6:17 am

    What it is, is cool. That first photo looks for all the world like the creature from a feature melting away as the first light of dawn catches it in the open.

  2. Well..I have never seen any mushrooms that look like either of those. Let us know if u find out what the heck they are...


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