Friday, March 13, 2009

Crescent Beach sampler

We always take far too many photos for one or two blog posts. Which is fine, because most of them don't turn out all that well, anyhow. But every so often, I go back to sort and save, and discover some that I really wanted to share.

These are from last week, on Crescent Beach.

Sky, and sky reflected. A long view at low tide.

Yellowlegs, showing off his beautiful underwing feathers. Click on this for a full-size view.

The orange flesh of a whelk.

Against the light, the beach is silver and black. That's a heron, fishing the tidepool.

Eelgrass and sky, reflected.

We spent some time at the high-water line, flipping over boards and piles of dead eelgrass, cameras already focussed, trying to catch some of those elusive sand fleas. They hop all over as the shelter is disturbed, but within less than a second every single one has disappeared.

We took dozens of photos of eelgrass and sand. We didn't get a single sand flea. We did get this ferocious bit of red seaweed, though.

Look at those "teeth"!

Off-topic, entirely: you've got to see today's post at Laura Goes Birding. (It should be "Bearing" for this entry. Very funny!



  1. Hi and thanks for your visit to my blog.
    You have a great collection of different shots here. I particularly loved the first one with the low tide. It reminded me of my years in England with their very tidal waters. The last one made me laugh. Very dangerous weed indeed. Lucky you did not by accident step on it. Birdshots are generally always nice so I enjoyed them too.

  2. Glad you went back and checked through your pics!

    Loved that bear video! Too funny.

  3. Yes i agree with Cicero...glad you went back through your photos!
    All Lovely!

  4. Thanks for the link! That bear cracked me up......
    I'll be sure to check in on your blog now!

  5. I know it can be time-consuming to go through photos but I'm sure glad you did! Beautiful silvery water and sand.


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