Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cold, grey skies, warm birds

When I turn over a rock or planter in my garden these days, I find a squirming mass of earthworms; they've woken up from their long winter's nap. In Cougar Creek Park the other day, the robins were out en masse, getting their protein.

Never mind the cold! Dinner's ready!

Cold afternoon. Bare, chilly branches, with crows.

Warm robin.

It's starting to snow again.

Cheerful mallard.

More cold, grey skies.

Cold water, warm duck.

I love the lacy bare branches of deciduous trees. But they do look chilly.


  1. Ha! Those robins look like they are playing a soccer match!

  2. I saw the first pair of geese two weeks ago, maybe when I get home I'll see some robins as well. Last weekend we traveled south to Oregon and saw lots of swans and geese still in their "snowbird" vacation homes. - Margy

  3. I thought winter was over, too! The robins are certainly a cheerful addition to this weather, hope you are staying warm!


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