Monday, March 09, 2009

Yesterday's flowers

These are the flowers I meant to post last night. They were in the courtyard of the Art Gallery, where they are protected from the weather on all four sides.

Deep pink primula. (Mine are just barely showing a tip of colour on the bud.)

Yellow ditto.

Upside-down bell clapper.

Mini daffs.

And tiny irises.

And just over our heads, a crow's nest, ready for occupancy.

That was Saturday. Today, Sunday, it snowed. Hard and furiously. Everything is white again. Laurie and I came home singing, "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas."



  1. Orlando; your blog doesn't load, maybe because it sets off my ad blocker; with a name like "$", it may be spam.

    I will leave it up for now, but unless you contact me to clarify, I will delete it tomorrow. I don't do ads.

  2. Wow! Colors! Feels like Spring...although it snowed here in Richmond this morning too. The weather is just confusing lately.

    That nest looks huge! Or maybe it's just the close-up perception that made it seems huge.

  3. Can't believe such beautiful flowers this time of year! At least you got a break from the snow. We have crabapple blossoms peeping out in TN.

  4. The car was in for servicing today so they shuttled us to the art gallery ... in all that snow! Just home, to the apartment, now. Crazy weather! Tomorrow, out to the valley again for hair cuts, visits, etc.


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