Friday, October 03, 2008

The only constant is change.

Maple leaves

I've been reading commentary and watching clips, mostly on the blogs, of our concurrent debates, Canadian and American. Laurie watched ours on TV. There were some good moments; Elizabeth May surprised us with her knowledge and resolve. We won't be voting Green, but still, "Go, Elizabeth! And we hope to see more of you."

Harper was as arrogant and condescending as we expected, Palin not quite as inarticulate, ("you betcha!") but just as mendacious as ever. Half the time, I haven't known whether to laugh, moan, or rant.

But all thoughts of the bumblebees I was planning to write about have jumbled themselves up in my head with the buzz of the debates. I'll leave them for a bit, and report, briefly on what's happening in our neck of the woods.
  • We've finally brought home a car. A 2003 Toyota Echo. It looks sturdy and reliable enough, and will be economical to drive, a prime consideration given that gas was almost $1.30 here yesterday. That's around $5.00 a US gallon. (I found it strange that in the Toyota dealership, all the new cars are big or bigger. The same thing applies across the street in the Nissan dealership. SUVs, even. I thought we were supposed to be burning less gas!)
  • Now that we have wheels again, it's raining.
  • The juncos are back for the winter. And a couple of towhees. Yay!
  • The leaves are finally turning colour. I think fall just might have arrived.

Fiery reds and yellows in an oak.


  1. Good grief! I pay £1.21 for a litre of diesel here. Which equates to £5.50 a gallon approximately.

    Given current exchange rates that makes it roughly $9.73 a gallon.


  2. I know. You guys have always paid more for your gas than we do, I think.

    And we pay more than the Americans.

    One thing, though; our distances are greater. Canada, especially western Canada, is mostly open space. Even here in the city. So we drive farther, and it adds up at the gas pump.

  3. It will be nice for you to have a car again, at least for the convenience, if not for the expense. My friend drove an Echo for quite a while. They ended up trading it in for a Prius (they now have two Prii), but mostly for the hybrid, than any dislike of the car. I suspect if the Echo had been hybrid she'd be driving it still. I had a lot of trouble getting past the weirdly-placed dashboard, myself.

  4. Glad to hear you have wheels again ... so confining not to have wheels. Sigh, a necessary evil it seems!


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