Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two doves and a dragon

Looking for a Strathcona corner store that is open Sunday evening, (a difficult assignment), I came across this small Buddhist temple on Keefer Street:

Up top, keeping the dragon company, is a pair of mourning doves. **

Zooming in:

Maybe they're nesting there. We'll go back soon to see if we can find them again.

This was supposed to be a wordless post, because it's late, and I'm sunburnt and tired. So, no more. I'm going to bed, with Noxema on my nose.


**Patrick says they may be rock pigeons. Could be; I'm often wrong. They didn't look like our everyday pigeons to me; smaller, head too small, tail too long. But it could have been an effect of the pose.

I went back and got more distant photos of one, in shadow, unfortunately. Stripes on the wing: rock pigeon. Comma on the face, longish tail, thin body: mourner. White rim on the bill: rock pigeon. Skinny rock pigeon.

One of a million. Oh, well.



  1. Cool photos. I think they might be Rock Pigeons though.

  2. They might be. I couldn't be sure. I went back today and saw only one, and it was in shadow. I thought the tail was too long for the regular pigeons, and the head too small.

    Maybe it's just another of our crazy, mixed-up pigeons.


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