Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do Not Dumb

It's been a long, difficult day. We woke up this morning to discover that the house had been broken into, and our keys, money, ID and car stolen. We've been dealing with police, banks, half-remembered numbers, telephones on hold, repetitions, endless repetitions of the details, and the locksmith. And it's been hot.

In the evening, a long walk around the neighbourhood calmed our spirits. These are photos from that walk.

Hydrangeas peeking through our porch railings.

A garden down the block. Found objects make good supports for the squash vines.

Nobody uses these for records any more.

Knot. Tighter than a square knot, greener than green.

"Do not Dumb". One wishes. (Probably a translation from Cantonese.)

Sunny face.

Overhead, huge fig leaves. This one makes a deep bowl.

Just an old house, warm in the setting sunlight.

Scarlet runner beans, in flower. Growing up a "No Parking" sign.

Outsider art, nailed to a hydro pole. "Hydrate. Eat a fish."

The blackberries are coming along nicely.

These were so sweet and sun-warm!

And, on Facebook, John sent me "Good Karma". Thanks, John. I think we needed that.


  1. How awful! I am so sorry that happened to you. Sending more good karma at you.

    The captcha below is "opooyh" which doesn't mean anything but seems appropriate for the post and for your day yesterday.

  2. How devastating! They broke in while you were sleeping? Gross! Oh and the paper work. Ugh! I'm glad the walk could calm your spirits ... I think I'd need more than that to calm mine!

  3. What terrible luck, and how stressful and tiring for you. I'm sorry to hear that's happened to you! At least you had no encounter with the thieves, it could have been worse if you were there when they broke in.

    My parents' house was broken into about 10 years ago, something we associate with city living, not out in the rural countryside. My mom had dashed up to town for milk or some such, and returned 20 minutes later to find a strange car parked at the top of the driveway. There was a staredown, she sitting in her car, them in theirs, for a few moments before they decided to drive over the lawn around her. She startled them so they didn't make off with as much as they could've. Some good came of it, though - they stole the two computers my parents had, along with my dad's CD collection, and with the insurance money my dad was able to buy 5 computers, one for each member of the family, so we no longer had to share or fight for computer time.

    I hope there turns out to be a silver lining to all this for you, too.

  4. Wren,
    Thanks for the good karma. I think it's working; the cops were back this morning. They found the car. With perps inside.

    Cis and Seabrooke, Thanks for the good wishes. All is well; we'll get the car back, and it may be that some of the ID has been dropped in it. (Fingers crossed.)

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the thieves. They are the lowest of people. I hope there are no residual results and that everything gets back to normal soon.

    Perhaps Dumb is Cantonese for Steal.

  6. Hugh,


    "Perhaps Dumb is Cantonese for Steal."

    If not, it certainly is for these thieves. The guy who broke in took two sets of car keys. But 24 hours later, when the cops saw the car, there were 4 people in it. Joy-riding in a stolen car? Stupid!

    And not only that, they had broken both doors, as though they had no keys. And were driving around on 2 flat tires.

    Not in possession, even collectively, of the brainpower to ride a tricycle.

  7. I am SO sorry to hear that your house got broken into, Susannah. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I had meant to comment much earlier but I've been insanely busy :(

  8. Thanks, Raul.

    "... insanely busy." Same here. Busy is good, from my perspective. Sometimes it veers too much towards the "insane", though.

    "Total," as we said in Mexico; life is what it is.

  9. So sorry - wish those pukes would get a life.


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