Sunday, July 20, 2008

We have constructed pyramids

There's a mad poet wandering the alleys of Strathcona. He has no blog; he has to write on walls.

"I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft."

"We have constructed pyramids in honour of our escaping."



  1. As graffiti goes, this is pretty nice. I'd rather have poetry sprayed across my walls than initials, personal call-signs, or offensive words.

    A person I follow the writing of posted these images of "graffiti" on bridge pylons, they're pretty neat. He provides the explanation:

    "Kids caught defacing with graffiti are given a community service order and handed over to a local Wirradgeri artist. He makes sure that if they are going to paint on walls then they are going to do it properly."

  2. Seabrooke,

    Those are great paintings!

    I've seen evidence of strong native talent in some of the graffitti we've run across. (And plenty of examples of copy-catting and just plain "making a mess for someone else to clean up".)

    I'll be posting more of the alley "literature" that we're finding as time allows.


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