Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beauty break. Better than coffee.

Is the earth spinning faster than it used to? It sure seems that way. Here it is Thursday morning, and I swear that only yesterday it was Monday.

Or is it that I've been buried in work? Could be.

I took a tiny break yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon to inspect my garden. The plants have been busy, too; see what they've produced!

New pink columbine blooms among the greenery.

Lily of the valley. They always remind me of my grandmother. She had lily of the valley patterned china.

I've forgotten, for the moment, what these are. I'll know in a day or two, when they are fully open.

London Pride, up close.

And out on the lawn, English daisies.

And now, for a nap, and -- back to the salt mines.

Lucky me.


  1. Beautiful. I especially love the lilies.

    I tried growing a few plants several years ago, but we didn't get enough rain and they didn't come back the next year. When I get a house again I definitely want to try again. Any tips?

  2. I snatched a bucket-load of lilies of the valley from my son's house, and planted them in the deepest shade I have. (In a shady garden already.)

    The second year, maybe half of them came up. I augmented the patch with a few nursery specimens. Now, this third year, the patch has grown and about 1/3 of them are flowering.

    The original patch, at my son's house, is also in very deep shade, and does not spread beyond it. I think that may be the trick; shade.

  3. That must be it. My house was mostly shady, but that patch got sun in the afternoon, which probably burned them. Maybe if I don't have a shady spot I can try them indoors away from windows.

  4. I'd like to know how they do as indoor plants. A little bowlful would be beautiful as a table ornament!

  5. I have something to give you at my blog Weeta....come and see me. (lovely lush green wonderful photos here again...)


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