Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I and the Bird # 76 call for submissions

I'm finally taking the plunge!

Rather worried-looking sparrow on my hedge.

I have been a fairly regular contributor to the bi-weekly carnival, I and the Bird for some time. Now, with much trepidation, and 10 badly chewed fingernails, I will be hosting the carnival next week.

Do you love birds and the people who watch them? Do you watch birds and love to blog about it? Welcome to I and the Bird, a carnival for bloggers who love birds.

I and the Bird is a carnival celebrating the interaction of human and avian, an ongoing exploration of the endless fascination with birdlife all around the world. It is also a biweekly showcase of the best bird writing on the web published on alternating Thursdays.

Previous posters have done a superb job. Last week's presenter, Amila, at Gallicisa, even has prizes! (If you haven't already checked it out, go on over now. As soon as you've taken down my email, because I do hope you will be sending me a great bird post.)

Here's the place to send your latest and bestest bird post: e-mail the link to me at susannah AT dccnet DOT com before the 27th of May. And if you have never contributed before, now is the time!

White-crowned sparrow at my door.

*Edited to add:

I see from the first comment, that I didn't make it clear enough; bird photos are great, but this isn't all about the photos. If you have watched birds, thought about birds, read about birds, fed, rescued, missed, housed birds, etc., etc., and blogged about it, "I and the Bird" is the place for you. Photos are optional.


  1. Alas, I don't have any really good bird pictures! Maybe one day.

  2. Oh, but you do! You are too humble.

    Last Sunday, for example; do you realize that some people (me, for one) have never seen a golden-headed blackbird? And three on one tree! Wow!

    And last Tuesday's discussion of goldeneye behaviour is very interesting.

    I could go on, but you get the picture.


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