Sunday, April 14, 2013

Small wonders

April, between showers . . .

Red-stemmed moss.

Plume moth, sleeping on the wall by the door

Robin, pulmonaria, and daffs. And a few leaves of lettuce, still surviving cuddled up to the pulmonaria for protection from the slugs.

The young raccoon, back again for a drink, keeping his eye on me.

He needs a nail clipper; look at that thumb nail!

Raccoon fingernails. I'm not volunteering to trim them for him.

And the first rhododendrons we've seen this year.

And the cup mushrooms are out in force! But each time we've seen them, so far, it has been pouring rain.

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Sara Rall said...

wonderful! I particularly like the glaring raccoon.

biobabbler said...

Delightful. Perhaps the raccoon is a guitar player? My dad would grow his nails out on his picking hand, and I can't forget the Nashville Skyline album cover where you can clearly see Bob Dylans LONG, guitar picking fingernails, as he politely doffs his hat. =)

Susannah Anderson said...

Sara, so do I. He's still quite small, and so cute!

Biobabbler, makes sense. Nut what kind of guitar needs picks in both hands?

The raccoon has acquired a name; now he's Dylan.