Saturday, March 25, 2023

Birds on rocks

Three birds. On rocks. On a quiet beach.

The first, a yellow-legged gull. He stood there, watching me as I walked down the tide line. When I reached the edge of his comfort zone (unmarked, but he was definite about it), he removed himself to a more distant rock. And then another. When I approached too closely the third time, he flew off to sea, grumbling.

Probably a mew gull.

Then there was the sandpiper, hurrying, always hurrying, wading through the shallow water at the edge of the retreating tide, pecking at unseen goodies as he went.

One lone peep.

Crossing a rock.

And finally stopping on one, to look at me.

And off in the distance, an eagle had chosen the farthest rock for a dining table.

He kept moving about, bending down to work on his dinner, rising to look right, then left, guarding his find.

Zooming as far as the camera would go.

He had something white and pink, probably a gull. Not my shy yellow-legged gull, I hoped.

Aquí tienen tres pájaros, encima de las rocas en una playa solitaria.

Primero, una gaviota con patas amarillas, una gaviota cana, Larus canus. Se quedó parado sobre una roca, mirándome mientras me acercaba, caminando al borde del agua. Cuando llegué al límite de su zona de confort, voló a otra roca, no muy lejos. Y cuando otra vez me acerqué, se levantó, quejándose y se largó.

  1. La gaviota, en la primera roca.
  2. Y luego había un "peep" a solas, uno de los Calidris spp. que corría y corría en el agua poco profundo, mientras bajaba la marea, buscando su alimento bajo el agua mientras iba.
  3. Aquí cruzando una roca con algas marinas.
  4. Y se detuvo en una roca para mirarme.
  5. Muy lejos, en la última piedra, un águila se ocupaba en desplomar su presa.
  6. Algo blanco, con partes color de rosa. Probablemente era una gaviota; ojalá no fuera mi gaviotita de patas amarillas.

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