Saturday, January 22, 2022

Last of the light

The sun came out, the sky was blue. Sunset was just before 5 PM. I made it to Oyster Bay on time to watch the light fade.

About 5:15 PM. Orange-tinted clouds and ducks settling in for the night.

Mini-lake on the top of a log.

The last photo: I take this photo almost every visit.

Day settings, Jan. 22: Sunrise, 8:07, sunset, 4:58. Coming up to 9 hours of daylight!

I was in time to find a few lichens and mosses. Photos tomorrow.

A Skywatch post.


Salió el sol. ¡Hasta hubo cielo azul! El sol se ponía un poco antes de las 5; alcancé a llegar a Oyster Bay con tiempo para ver los últimos rayos anaranjados.

  1. Oyster Bay, a las 5 y cuarto; nubes entintados y patos dormidos.
  2. Un "laguito" encima de un troncón viejo, reflejando el cielo.
  3. La última foto de la tarde; saco esta foto en casi cada visita.
El horario del dia ahora: el 22 de enero, el sol aparecerá a las 8:07, y se pone a ls 4:58. ¡Casi 9 horas de luz tendremos ya!

Llegué a tiempo para encontrar unos líquenes y musgos. Mañana subo fotos.

Un post para Skywatch, donde encontrarás fotos del cielo al dia desde el mundo entero.


  1. A beautiful shot of the lake, mountain, and sky. Great composition.

  2. Love that beautiful scene of lake and mountain and sky. What a lovely moment.
    I took a walk the other day out at the marsh here and saw some beautiful lichen on a tree branch. It made me think of you!

    1. And when I see a beautiful sky scene, I think of you.

  3. Beautiful! Photos taken during last light are often my favorite.


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