Thursday, November 25, 2021

Rainy day 'shrooms

 And the mushrooms love the rain; these are from a short walk down to the lake shore at Lupin Falls. They were everywhere along the trail, under the trees, pushing up under branches.

Pinkish/purplish. In deep shade in the duff under the evergreens.

Near the path, where the sunlight percolates through.

Another one down under the trees. So orange!

Looking something like pancakes. Not that I'd try eating one.

Another one of those pink mushrooms. 

A los hongos les encanta la lluvia. Estos estaban al lado del caminito corto desde la carretera hacia el lago Buttle, cerca de la catarata Lupin. Estaba lloviendo un poco, y los hongos estaban en todas partes, abajo de los árboles, junto al camino, escondidos bajo ramas caídas.

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  1. Thanks again.

    I am seeing a brown garden and fire warnings.


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