Sunday, September 15, 2019

Indian Creek Falls

The World Waterfall Database lists 2465 waterfalls in BC. It misses some, probably quite a few; I've found waterfalls that are not listed, in my limited travels.

Indian Creek waterfall is on their list, though. I didn't know its name until I found it in Google maps then compared with the WWD maps. They have no details on it, except that Indian Creek is a tributary of Udona Creek, which I can't find, except maybe as a darker line on Google maps.

Nameless, or named and listed, it's still worth a stop and a short walk.

Indian Creek falls, the top half of the first drop.

It's a smallish creek, but it drops down a rock face from high above the highway, then runs through a pipe underneath the highway, into a small pool, then drops again into the Gold River, far below.

I have climbed down to the first pool several times, but never thought to follow the pipe under the road. My granddaughter was more adventurous than I.

Ahead, the second pool, and then the drop. Between the nearest trees and the dark woods beyond, is a deep gash in the terrain, with the river at the bottom.

Going out to the top of the second drop.

We walked down the road to the next viewpoint, to look at the second half of the falls. All we got was a hint of white movement; it's visible in the winter, but not in summer, with all the trees leafed out in between.

The lower half of the falls, taken last year. The falls are visible as two white lines on the left.

And in my search of maps and databases, trying to find this waterfall, I discovered others, and other interesting roads I haven't explored yet. So much to see!


  1. Thank you again. I feel I just post boring technical data, and anti-creationist whacking.


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