Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Too much

Sick at heart ...

Watching the news from the US. More school shootings. The ongoing tearing down of democracy. Abortion bills. Miscarriage bills! With an ectopic pregnancy rider. While children still cry in prison camps. Kindergarten active shooter drills. Health care - what little there was of it for all but the rich - erosion. Measles and whooping cough roaring back.

The daffodils bloom outside my door. The mock orange is covered with buds. The birds are singing.

It's no help. Not while children die. Not while a million species are at risk of extinction. Not while we spew poisons into our air and water.

I look at my photos - blue water, blue sky, blue butterflies, yellow-green spring leaves - and scroll away. I can't celebrate those, not for now. Later; it's important to document the beauty and mystery around us, even if much of it is doomed to be lost. Maybe because it is doomed.

I'm taking a short break. I'll be watching my tank, where the residents go about their happy little lives, oblivious to the struggling world beyond their walls. Watch the tank and hope for sanity somewhere, somehow.

Hermits teasing the pink-tipped green anemone.


  1. It's hard for me to consider the United States my country these days. It isn't the country I was born into and I'm not sure there are enough like minded people left to get us back on track. I understand your feelings. - Margy

    1. I know. I lived in the US for a half-dozen years. It felt safe back in the fifties, even under the "Red Scare".
      Not for blacks, of course; there were always the "Whites Only" signs. And the last time I was there with my family, in the late '70s, my older son was beaten up for making friends with a black girl. And of course, she got the worst of it.
      And there were the homes for unwed mothers. I visited one in 1958. Such sadness and loneliness! And always the assumption that it was the girl's "fault".
      It's gotten so much worse, though, in the last decade or so. Depressing.

  2. Be restored during your break. Your photos provide a break from our own worlds and we will be here when you return.


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