Sunday, October 07, 2018

Last-minute heron

I had done the circuit of Tyee Spit, twice, looking at weeds and mushrooms and squinting at distant cormorants and mallards, hoping for swans and herons, but there were none, near or far. And now I was cold and hungry. I was in the car, with the motor running. I lifted the visor - there was no sun to worry about any more - and there was a heron right in front of me.

Great blue heron, and 7 golden-crowned sparrows.

I assume those are golden-crowns, because I kept seeing them in among the weeds.

Golden-crowned sparrow, standing still for half a second. The plants are wild rose, Oregon grape, Himalayan blackberry, and a few grasses.

Today's Arachtober spider is a big cross spider patrolling the carport.



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