Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Hanging by a thread

10:30 at night. I went to draw my curtains, and found a small moth sleeping on the outside of the window. Grabbed the camera, dragged over a chair, climbed up, got one shot of the moth.

Lucky shot. Because there was only one.

And the cat scrambled through the window, disturbing the moth, who fluttered directly into a spider web. Instantly, the spider appeared from nowhere, pouncing on the struggling moth.

Happy cross spider, unfortunate moth.

And in a couple of minutes, the moth was quiet, and the spider was covered head to toes in moth feathers.

She hangs from two threads; one paid out from her spinnerets, and another she's holding with one rear foot.

Zooming in on the spinnerets. The silk turns out to be a bundle of very fine threads.

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