Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The better to grab you with

Even contained in a glass under bright light, a June beetle resists being photographed. Legs, complicated antennae, wing covers; everything is in constant movement. (It doesn't help when the cat keeps pushing the glass off the white background, either!) And I keep the photo sessions short, because it's a terrible imposition to take up so much of her short life being glared at. I got a few shots of those amazing grappling hooks and released their owner outside.

Look at those hooks! What he grabs, he holds.

He's a ten-lined beetle. To get the ten, you have to count the centre line as two, one for each wing cover. That gives you eight, but there are two very short lines between the outer two long lines (barely visible in this photo), making the total ten.

Such a nice furry vest! And more leg and foot detail. She's a female; the antennae of the males are much larger.

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