Monday, May 28, 2018

Just grass?

I walk through fields of spring flowers, and usually don't see them; it's just grass, something to pass by, push aside, look beyond.

Until I stop to look at what I've been ignoring.

Dune grass, Leymus mollis, in flower. The dangling yellow ribbons are the anthers, hanging from a thin filament, the whole making up the stamen, the male part of the flower.

These, a Bromus sp., possibly, are heavy with seeds. (And a bug.)

These are growing in Oyster Bay Shoreline Park, around the outside of the meadow, and on the dunes lining the beach.


  1. Unless it's in a lawn we tend to think of grass as weeds. But as you point out, they can be beautiful. And where would be without grasses like oats and wheat. - Margy


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