Thursday, April 05, 2018

Toothy skirts and a hat for spring

The advantage of glass walls is that sometimes you get to see a limpet on the move.

Lifting her skirts to run.

It seems odd that the limpet manages to negotiate curves and 90 degree angles, with a shell that we usually see clamped tight to a flattish surface. But they are capable of lifting the shell enough to get a grip on the new wall and from there, its a simple matter to slide on up, carrying the shell like an umbrella.

This one's decorated nicely with stripes of green algae and fanning barnacles. Some of her relatives wear hats:

Limpet (3/8 inch across) with her flamboyant spring bonnet.

(The long tube in the top photo is limpet poop.)

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  1. I remember a book titled "Everybody Poops." I guess it's true. We were out for breakfast on Easter Sunday because we were driving home from Oregon. It wasn't a fancy restaurant, but I saw a woman wearing her Easter hat. Made me think of when I was little and that was the thing to do. - Margy


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