Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Beaver Lodge

Last fall, I discovered (but only by poring over dark photos) a beaver lodge near Echo Lake. I passed that way again this week, and the light was better. Besides, I now knew where to look. The beavers are still there.

I think it's bigger than it was last fall. Looks cozy.

I searched on Google maps and found the exact spot. On the street view, taken in September of 2011, the lodge is just visible.

Google street view from Hwy. 28. The lodge seems to be smaller than it is today.

I waited, but saw no sign of the beaver family this time. Other than their home, of course.


  1. Only a few weeks ago, I discovered a beaver lodge at Terra Nova. What lead to that discovery was seeing floating gnawed branches in the pond, then gnawed stumps on the shoreline. The existence of that evidence may hint at this being an active lodge.

  2. Terra Nova is excellent beaver territory. I hope the human residents don't protest, or fight, like they do in Cougar Creek, off Scott Road.

  3. As far as I can tell, there isn't an actual dam, so no risk of flooding. But I suppose that people who are more fond of the trees than the beaver could take measures to protect said trees. Hopefully, that will take the form of fencing around trees, as opposed to relocating the beaver.


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