Sunday, December 10, 2017

Green lichen on rock

In the tiny woods at the end of my street, a block square, a tossed salad of big-leaf maple, Douglas fir, salal, Oregon grape, huckleberry, evergreen ferns, and the odd street weed, I was looking for lichens. Portable lichens; something to show a kid who couldn't remember seeing one. I zig-zagged through the bush for a while, but if there were any lichens - and I remember finding some here in the summer - they were buried under a layer of mushy maple leaves. Or still up in the trees.

The only lichens I found were not quite portable.

A crust lichen, probably a pimple crust.
On another rock, closer to the edge of the bush, more exposed to occasional sunlight, paler green

These were finer-grained, smoother and greener than the whitish grey bulls-eye lichen I see on many rocks, usually in more exposed areas. In this shady patch of forest, there are few exposed rocks, but most of them carried the green patches. I couldn't identify them.

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  1. Our granite cliff is covered with a profusion of mosses and lichens right now. They all have such a healthy look after a summer of dried out crunch. - Margy


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