Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fuzzy feast

In a recently-logged site, now that the rains have begun in earnest, tiny, fuzzy, white mushrooms are reclaiming soggy stumps. And a flock of springtails are feasting!

Common split-gill mushroom, Schizophyllum commune. With globular springtails, probably Dicyrtominae.

Another collection, on the same stump.

The globular springtails (globular, because they're fat, round little critters) are omnivorous. Some were on the wood, and I found a few more on other stumps, but they seem to really like these mushrooms.

Springtails commonly consume fungal hyphae and spores, but also have been found to consume plant material and pollen, animal remains, colloidal materials, minerals and bacteria. (Wikipedia)

More 'shrooms and critters tomorrow.

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