Thursday, August 24, 2017

Blue again!

We had rain yesterday. A few minutes, is all, but a hint of a possible return to normalcy. And here in Campbell River, the sky was blue again, with white clouds. The brown smoke that hid everything farther away than the shore of Quadra Island, less than a mile away, has gone. I can see the white caps of the mainland mountains for the first time in weeks.

Good news, for us. And more rain is promised; good news for the rest of BC, still battling the Plateau fire, the largest wildfire in BC's history. But some people, in other areas, are being allowed to return home. September, with its rainclouds, is in sight.

And I was so glad to see a sunset against a blue sky, that I took its photo with the pocket camera propped on the roof of the car for stability.

So the roof is curved. But the sky is blue again.


A Skywatch post.

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  1. We are away so a bit of rain sounds really good for my garden. Our friend John is going up to water twice a week, but when it is really hot the plants in pots need watering every two or three days. Hoping for lots of tomatoes when we get home so I can can (sounds funny doesn't it) tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. - Margy


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